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Why join us?


The story so far...

  • 15 SLEs (Specialist Leaders of Education) have been appointed since 2014
  • We run OTP (Outstanding Teacher Programmes)
  • We are the Secondary SENCO network
  • We offer School to School Support
  • We offer SLE Training for the Easter Region

Our courses and programmes include:

  • Team Teach
  • Makaton for professionals and parent/carers
  • ADHD training
  • SEN Conference
  • Autism Training
  • ITT, NQT, SLE, NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH Programmes

Where we would like to go...

  • We aim to share what we Discover and want you to Discover it with us.  
  • Ensure every child has the chance to attend a good school
  • Increase the number of schools in our Discovery network
  • Develop a strong primary network
  • Support and develop newly qualified teachers
  • Design and pilot Discovery OTP (Outstanding Teacher Programme) across the network
  • Coordinate and deliver high quality school-based ITT (Initial Teacher Training)
  • Develop and provide teacher subject specialism training
  • Give opportunities for CPD  (continuing professional development) based  research projects
  • Use marketing and advertising to increase Discovery presence



"I wanted to write and thank you for the Team Teaching training at Spring Common on 3rd and 4th July.  Both members of staff commented on how useful it was and the high quality of the delivery."
"Do you have any dates coming up for Team Teach training in the new academic year?  We are hoping to get a couple more people trained from our school"

Local Primary School

NPQML - 2017  

"I have found the one-to-one sessions really helpful. It provides the much-needed time to sit down with colleagues and discuss the different aspects of the course.  I find the online resources highly useful as well."    

Head of Year 7 - HIngchingbrooke School

NPQSL - 2017

"I am genuinely enjoying the NPQSL course. Each of the face-to-face days has been exceptionally well planned and a great opportunity to discuss a whole range of leadership and pedagogical matters with colleagues. It has been nice to have the time away from the day-to-day chaos in order to discuss all these things and it has been great working with colleagues from other schools. Richard Brown is great and plans a range of activities, also ensuring we work and mix with different people. He has also been extremely attentive and supportive with our projects, making time to speak to us individually about our progress."

Head of Spanish - Hinchingbrooke School

Due to the successful bid through Discovery TSA in March 2015, St Peter’s School has been able to purchase additional training and support which resulted in the following:
The quality of teaching and learning has risen overall currently (April 2016) 80%meeting expectations.  The areas identified for development have been observed and externally verified.
  • Differentiation in 63% of lessons - up from 47% September 2015
  • Challenging the most able in every class 73% of lessons – up from 43% in September 2015
  • Extended writing 90% of opportunities observed to be taken
The Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) was used to train staff to become effective coaches.  These staff have been allocated additional non-contact time allowing them to work in a wide variety of areas.  All staff who have been coached have demonstrated progress.  The coaches have worked with 17 staff this year with all moving up a category, eg from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Requires Improvement.’
This outcome has been triangulated through lesson observations, work scrutiny and the progress of students.  An external verification of this outcome has taken place.
This support has recently resulted in two members of staff completing the NPQML and NPQSL.  One member of staff has since secured a position as an Assistant Head Teacher as a result of the skills they acquired in the NPQSL course.
Christopher Bennett – Principal of St Peter’s School